Hornsby Shire Council

Attachment to Report No. MM8/08 Page 0







1.  Epping Stormwater Reuse and Energy Efficiency Project


This project entails the systematic recycling of stormwater and upgrade of facilities with energy efficient products at three public ovals located in Epping and Eastwood. The project will involve the installation of rainwater tanks, energy efficient devices and associated infrastructure (i.e. irrigation systems, pipe works, water treatment, electrical systems, solar power, solar hot water, insulation, air conditioning and sensor lighting) at:

Ron Payne Park Woods Street Reserve, North Epping,

Epping Oval, Cnr Norfolk Rd & Somerset St, Epping and

Somerville Oval, 679 Blaxland Rd, Eastwood.


The water harvested will be re-used to irrigate and maintain the ovals in a sustainable manner without reliance on the use of potable water. In addition the oval amenities facilities will be self sufficient in terms of water use and will be retrofitted with water efficient fixtures such as dual flush toilets, low flow shower heads and energy efficient fixtures (i.e. solar power, solar hot water and sensor lighting) to minimise and conserve water and energy consumption.Alternative sportsgrounds can be considered and the project could be increased by including other grounds if required.


By undertaking this project Hornsby can become the first council in Australia to join a new national program focused at Australiaís sporting community.The project will use award winning innovative business models to deliver greenhouse gas reductions and water savings across the municipality whilst stimulating local economic development.


Total funds to be applied for: $2.6 million.



2.  Hornsby CBD Drainage Projects


This project entails the construction of drainage works (generally in tunnel) that will improve drainage in the Hornsby CBD and surrounding residential areas of Hunter Street and Water Street in the 1 in 100 year storm event.  135 properties will benefit from the project.  On completion of the project, the Hornsby CBD will be effectively rendered flood-free, and significant improvements to residential, commercial and industrial amenity in this area will result.  Design has been completed and contract documentation is ready to commence. There will be minimal adverse environmental impacts arising from the work.  The project is listed in Councilís Major Drainage Projects Priority List in two stages with ranking No. 1 (Section Hunter Street to Water Street) and No. 3 (Section Burdett Street to Hunter Street), with estimated costs of $3 million and $1.5 million respectively.Funds have been progressively set aside for this project and Council is in a position to partner in this project, to the extent of 33%.


Total funds to be applied for: $4.5 million, or $3.0 million if a 33 % contribution is offered by Council.