Hornsby Shire Council

Attachment to Report No. EN5/09 Page 0






TO:                              MANAGER, PARKS & LANDSCAPE TEAM




DATE:                         2 March 2008


MEMO NO.                WD10/09


TRIM FOLDER           F2004/07806





SUBJECT:                   Draft Generic Plan of Management – Districts 5 & 7 – Kangaroo Point


I refer to our recent consultative discussions with Environment Division, Planning Division and Property Development Branch of the Works Division regarding the above.


It is proposed to seek ‘expressions of interest’ from the commercial market, to enter into a lease of the land occupied by the former restaurant building and its curtilage.  Although no formal structural or building reports have been undertaken, it is generally considered that the existing building is beyond repair and will need to be demolished.


Therefore, Council would require a prospective tenant to demolish and redevelop the site.  It is likely that the tenant would need the costs of redevelopment to be amortised over as long a period as possible.  It is therefore likely that the maximum lease term permitted under the “community land” classification, of 21 years (subject to Minister’s consent) would be required.


The inherent and external features of the restaurant site make it of significant environmental, social and financial value.  The ‘expression of interest’ campaign for redevelopment needs to provide as much flexibility as possible to attract the best possible response and design concepts.  Proposals need to balance the social and environmental elements of the redevelopment, with its commercial reality.


Therefore, the Property Development Branch recommended that the area of land around the former restaurant, categorised as “General Community Use” in the master plan, be slightly expanded for the Plan of Management.  This would provide a better opportunity of attracting the best possible design concepts by reducing the risk associated with the restrictions upon development imposed by the adjoining “Area of Cultural Significance” category.


The consultative meeting agreed to adopt the recommendation and subsequently included the plan of categorisation amended as above.  It was considered that the existing planning controls and the final terms of any lease will ensure Council maintains control over any redevelopment of the Kangaroo Point land.


I understand that the report on the draft Plan of Management will be presented with both the master plan categorisation plan and the amended (as above) categorisation plan, to decide which is the most appropriate to include in the Plan of Management.


It is the recommendation of the Property Development Branch that Council adopts the amended categorisation plan for inclusion in the Plan of Management.




Peter Thompson

Manager, Property Development

Works Division