Hornsby Shire Council

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The Taskforce will aim to:

·        Advance the issue for which it has been established, namely: Employment and Economic Development;

·        Provide a coordinated whole of Council approach through a forum which discusses and debates issues and recommends a way forward;

·        Receive and provide regular information to/from internal and external stakeholders regarding Council action on Employment and Economic Development issues.


The Taskforce will be a way of coordinating and focusing the activities of Council, providing economies of scale and key entry points for the development of new policy. Regular communiqués from the Taskforce will be provided for public information and comment.



The Taskforce will comprise the Mayor (ex officio) and Councillor members as resolved by Council.


A Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson will be determined by the Taskforce.


Appropriate Council staff will be included in the Taskforce as either core (permanent) or non-core members. All staff members whose work areas will be impacted upon the recommendations of the Taskforce will be provided with the agenda/minutes of the meetings.


Core members include:

General Manager

Manager, Corporate Strategy

Research and Policy Development Officer – Economic Development

Manager, Property Development

Manager, Town Planning Services


External representatives will be invited to participate in selected Taskforce activities, as determined and required.



All decisions should be made by general consensus.


Where a consensus cannot be achieved, a vote will be taken. Only the Mayor and the Councillor members as resolved by Council to the Taskforce have a right to vote.


Where there is an equality of votes, the Chairperson will have a casting vote.



The quorum shall be made up of 50 percent of the elected Councillor members.








Role of the Taskforce

·        Provide strategic direction and guidance;

·        Act as an internal and external forum for constructive commentary and guidance on Employment and Economic Development;

·        Provide strategic coordination of all activities and information related to Employment and Economic Development;

·        Prepare recommendations for council decision;

·        Provide advice in relation to Employment and Economic Development matters that may be referred by Council.


Priorities of the Taskforce

·        To be determined by the Taskforce with priorities set for a defined period;

·        Priorities to be adopted by Council and included in the draft Management Plan.



The Taskforce is established as a means of progressing issues highlighted by Council that are of strategic importance. It provides leadership and strategic direction.


Recommendations from the Taskforce require Council resolution to enable action or implement changes to existing Council policies.


The Taskforce shall establish key performance measures to be reported on bi-annually.


Meeting Schedule

It is anticipated that the Taskforce will meet bi-monthly, subject to the discretion of the Chairperson, in consultation with the members.



The agenda will be set in consultation and with approval of the Chairperson. It will be distributed at least seven days prior to the meeting.


Code of Conduct

The Taskforce members shall be bound by the Hornsby Shire Council’s Code of Conduct.



The Taskforce shall be known in short-form as E&EDTF.



The Terms of Reference and priorities will be reviewed annually and dated accordingly.