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Dear Sarah, Sam and David -

Hope you're all well.

Attached below is the formal response from HAS with regards to the fee proposals.


My apologies that this has taken some time to come back to you, pushing hard up against your deadline, however you can appreciate I wanted to discuss the issues raised with the Committee and obtain their feedback. It would be inappropriate if this was simply the response of just one individual.


Just to keep you up to date, I want to let you know we have established a Wallarobba Transition Team, comprising five members of the HAS Committee. This group will act as the go-to team with regards to all aspects of our move. This team has already met to investigate all of the assets of HAS, what is needed by our members for day-to-day activities and what must be disposed of or stored.


As part of this process, we have identified some additional issues which HAS needs to discuss with Council as part of this move - they are included in our formal response below.


The Formal Response from Hornsby Art Society -

We ask that you consider this response from HAS, including the additional items for consideration, in its entirety.


- The Fee proposal as outlined in Samatha Colbert's email of 15 February in general terms is supported, however concerns are raised and some clarification is sought regarding the fees which may come into effect beyond the 3 year Development Phase. Can we be provided with some indication as to what the fees may revert to in 3 years time?

- While the fee proposal has our general support, we would like to have an estimate of the contribution to the overall running costs as outlined in the email as "power, water and equipment renewals." In order for us to budget for this each year, is it possible this could be capped at a set figure?

- While the use of the Community Arts Space at no cost is welcomed, as part of a partnership arrangement with Council, we would appreciate it if the days could be clarified. We understood we were talking of Wednesdays and Fridays, not Wed and Thurs as indicated in your proposal.


Additional items for consideration -

HAS is moving from a dedicated arts space where all of our administration and practical activities are provided in one location to a shared centre where multiple rooms will be used by our organisation. While we look forward to the opportunities that will be available to us in the new facility, and the partnerships with other organisations that may develop, we are concerned that the move presents some practical problems with regards to the administration of our organisation. We do not wish to return to a situation where all of the administration of our organisation is handled in the homes of our individual members. This is impractical and inappropriate. The following issues are raised for discussion to enable us to smoothly transfer our operation from the Hornsby Art Gallery to Wallarobba, whilst still being able to continue our operations.


- Office space for HAS at Wallarobba - as I have already referred to in discussions with Sarah, HAS is looking for some dedicated permanent office space. With investigations this week, it is clear that what would be ideal would be a small lockable room for HAS's use.  We hope to house a desk, computer, printer, phone call and eftpos/sales facility, filing cabinet. This space may also be utilise by specific artists working with HAS from time to time, and for the preparation of materials for members.


This office space issue goes beyond the need for Administration Space. As the Committee of HAS we are greatly concerned as to how the profile of our organisation will be affected as part of this move. We are concerned that the loss of our space for many will be seen and felt as a total loss of identity. HAS has been in existence since 1963 and would most certainly be the oldest arts organisation in the Hornsby area. We know that Council is keen to ensure that HAS is appropriately accommodated within the new facility and we appreciate the efforts made to date to address our needs. We hope that we can further discuss this matter as part of this transition process as this is felt to be a critical issue.


- Lockable HAS noticeboards/Brochure stands - As part of the move, we are developing new printed collateral to promote HAS and the services we offer to members. A key part of this function is information to members, by way of our newsletter, website and regular advertisment of activities. It would be ideal if we could have access to two or more lockable noticeboards with space for flyer distribution that we can maintain and regularly update for members and others users of Wallarobba. We anticipate more than one, as HAS members will utilise more than one room on a regular basis. We are happy to work with Council on this and to pay for the boards with Council's assistance for installation.


- Airconditioning & Sound system - in the Hornsby Art Gallery, HAS purchased and installed split system airconditioning and a dedicated sound sytem, with 6 wall mounted speakers linked to cordless hand held and lapel microphones. These two items were specifically purchased to improve the professionalism of our regular demonstrations and workshops. In our Strategic Plan, we have identified the desire to further improve these sessions by use of cameras to project the demonstration onto larger screens and also to enable them to be pod cast via our website. As HAS is scheduled to use the Leisure and Learning Centre room for our demonstrations/monthly workshop, we would like to have further discussions with Council about the possibilities of having this equipment installed in this space.


- HAS catering/resources cupboard - as part of the Monthly Meeting and other workshops always involves catering, we would like to have the ability to install a lockable cupboard within the designated room where our catering and other demonstration supplies could be securely housed.


- Additional Storage - we understand that limited storage will be available at Wallarobba. HAS has had the benefit of storage in our existing facility both within the Gallery and with the use of three locked car spaces in the building. We are in the process of rationalising our items for storage, and estimate that we will require access to a space of approx one car space. We are at present investigating the commercial storage options within the area, however we would appreciate it if Council could also advise whether there are any storage options available in any of its facilities across the Shire that HAS could utilise.


We hope to be able to further discuss the issues raised above in the near future. Attached below is the original proposal from Samantha Colbert, to ensure that our comments are understood in the context of the proposal. 


Principles of Fee Structure (Sam's email - 15 February 2011) -

As we discussed, I would like to lock in a deal so that the Art Society has access to the spaces you have identified at an affordable rate throughout the transition and developmental stage. I am suggesting that a 90% waiver of fees would be appropriate for a period of three years and possible a further review after this. A 90% reduction equals a charge of $17.50 per week for exhibitions in the Veranda Gallery and $0.90 per hour in the Hornsby Leisure and Learning Centre for meetings and demonstrations. I understand that you advised you would require this space on a monthly basis however the space is available weekly at this stage so there is an opportunity to do additional larger demonstrations / networking / class opportunities if the Society are interested and/or have the capacity. Assuming a five hour block from 5:30pm - 10:30pm the hire cost for each meeting / demonstration would be $4.50.


As such, on an annual basis, the cost for a weekly exhibition per month (12) is $210.00 and weekly time slot in Hornsby L&L is $234.00, or course if the Society wanted to stick to monthly in Hornsby L&L it would be $54.00


The 90% rationale is that ideally all groups still contribute to the general running costs of the building such as power, water and equipment renewals.


Use of the Community Art Studio on a Wednesday and Thursday would be in partnership with Council therefore no cost would apply.


We are hoping table a report at Council's March Ordinary meeting that outlines progress on the Establishment of Wallarobba and includes a resolution which provides approval for the above fee structure for a period of 3 years. 


I hope this response is suitable for your report deadline and am happy to clarify any of the issues raised above as needed.

kind regards,




Janelle McIntosh


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