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Wednesday,† 21 September, 2011

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Hornsby Shire Council†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Table of Contents

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Item 30†† MM10/11 Theft of Metal from Council Properties †††††††




Mayoral Minute No. MM10/11

Date of Meeting: 21/09/2011





A spate of recent thefts of metal items from the Shireís parks throughout this year has clearly substantiated the claim that this metal is stolen for sale as scrap metal.


In December and January, thieves forced open the covers of six sportsfield floodlights in Westleigh, Hornsby Heights and Thornleigh and stole 125 metres of copper cabling. The repairs to the lights cost around $8,500.


Brass water infrastructure with a replacement cost of around $50,000 was also stolen from ovals in Beecroft, Eastwood, Epping, North Epping, Asquith, Waitara, Westleigh, Carlingford, Cheltenham, Pennant Hills and Hornsby in December and January.


A 60cm square bronze plaque commemorating the 50th anniversary of World War II was stolen from Beecroft War Memorial by thieves.† The cost of replacing the plaque was estimated at $3,000, not including the cost of installation or damage to the sandstone face of the memorial.


All of these thefts add up to a huge burden on Councilís scarce resources and it is necessary for the State Government to take action to control the sale of these metals, particularly brass and copper, such that the seller can be clearly identified.


I am confident this action will have the support of the NSW Police as it will limit the ability of individuals to be able to dispose of stolen metal in a similar way to the controls on sale of stolen goods to pawn shops.





THAT Council


1.††††† Express its concern regarding theft of metal components from Shire facilities and the excessive cost of replacement and repairs.


2.††††† Request the State Government to implement the necessary procedures to require a person attempting to sell brass or copper to a metal recycling facility to provide personal identification, a description and registration number of the vehicle used to transport the metal, and either:


† provide evidence in writing that the person was the legal owner or lawfully was entitled to sell the metal; or

† sign a written statement provided by the facility that the person legally owned or was entitled to sell the metal offered for sale.


†††††††† The recycling facility be required to visually verify and photocopy the seller's identification for record keeping purposes. Additionally, the facility be allowed to take a picture of the seller and the vehicle used to transport the metal, a photo of which could be accepted in lieu of the description and registration number, if the registration number is clearly identifiable in the photo.


3.††††† Write to the local State MPís requesting their support.


4.††††† Forward this request to the Local Government Association as a Late Motion for consideration at this yearís annual conference.











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