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Item 19 NOM2/12 Traffic Congestion and Queuing at Cherrybrook Village Shopping Centre



Notice of Motion No. NOM2/12

Date of Meeting: 18/04/2012








THAT Council:


1. Note that:


a) Traffic congestion and queuing at the entrance to Cherrybrook Village car park regularly spills out onto the Shepherds Drive/Kenburn Road roundabout, causing frustration and delay for local Cherrybrook residents.


b) Over the past four years, this traffic congestion has been the most complained about issue on local roads in Hornsby Shire.


c) Despite public statements from Cherrybrook Village management of plans to reduce congestion and queuing, local residents have seen no meaningful improvement to traffic conditions at the entrance to Cherrybrook Village.


d) In a July 2011 in-house publication, Cherrybrook Village made the following comment in contravention of its DA which requires on-site parking for workers at Cherrybrook Village: "Please be reminded there is to be no staff parking in the customer car park. Centre staff (other than your stores designated car space) are required to park offsite at Greenway Park where the local council has made all day parking available. Roof Top parking is not for centre staff."


2. Send letters to appropriate contacts within the Mirvac Group, including the CEO, broadly outlining the issues within this Notice of Motion and accompanying discussion and calling for Mirvac to demonstrate its commitment to good corporate citizenry by:


a) Implementing, at least, a two-way traffic flow along the southern end of the car park boundary adjacent to Shepherds Drive with a view to Mirvac absorbing queuing on its own site rather than passing the queuing on to public roads.


b) Implementing shorter time limits for the most convenient and popular parking spaces to encourage greater turnover.


c) Better integrating pedestrian and cycle access into the centre from the surrounding neighbourhood.




Note from Councillor Mills


Cherrybrook Village car park creates an unpleasant and potentially unsafe environment for the local community and operates as a pedestrian barrier between Cherrybrook Village and the surrounding neighbourhood.


Resident complaints exhibit scepticism that Mirvac has a genuine commitment to reducing traffic congestion and queuing and the consequent frustration and delay experienced by the local community. This perception is reinforced with Cherrybrook Village instructing centre workers to park in public spaces intended for the local community at Council's sporting grounds.


The primary cause of traffic congestion is a sub-optimal car park design which:


Confronts drivers with a 'where should I park?' decision immediately upon entry to the car park, resulting in vehicles slowing down or stopping to seek car parking spaces.


Places the most convenient and desirable car parking spaces immediately upon entry to the car park and along the main car park feeder roadway, further compounding driver 'slow down' or stopping behaviours.


Requires a majority of people leaving or returning to their parked vehicles to cross the main car park feeder roadway, further compounding driver 'slow down' or stopping behaviours.


Council has taken steps to limit the impact of non-local traffic and parking on surrounding residential streets including:


Working with Mirvac to instigate time limits which discourage commuters parking all day in the car park, freeing up some 40 parking spaces.


Reducing the number of parking spaces and increasing the 'no parking' periods for spaces between Shepherds Lane and the entrance to Cherrybrook Village, enabling additional peak period traffic queuing to be absorbed on Shepherds Drive without blocking local traffic.


Opening and signposting the lower car park at Greenway Park for Monday-Friday commuter parking and constructing an adjacent bus shelter, providing an alternative location for commuters.


Drawing up plans for a second entry/exit point for both traffic and pedestrians and passing these plans on to Cherrybrook Village management.





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