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Wednesday,  18 July, 2012

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Item 11    PL10/12 Development Application - Demolition of existing structures and construction of a five storey residential flat building comprising twenty-nine units basement car parking and strata subdivision
62 and 64 Keeler Street, Carlingford




Planning Division

Date of Meeting: 18/07/2012




PL10/12 - Development Application - Five storey residential flat building,
62 and 64 Keeler Street, Carlingford



Additional information with  NO CHANGE  to Recommendation


1.       Compliance Table


The Compliance Table in Section 2.9 of the Report incorrectly notes that the maximum floor plate dimension of the building does not comply with the requirements of the Housing Strategy Development Control Plan.  However, the building has a maximum length of 35 metres which complies with the requirements of the Housing Strategy Development Control Plan.


2.         Information on Stormwater Management


Due to an administration error, the following paragraph has been omitted from “Section 3.2.3 Stormwater Management” of the Report. The following paragraph should appear under the heading.


3.2.3     Stormwater Management


The development proposes to connect the stormwater discharged from the building to the drainage easement located at the rear of the site via an on-site detention system. The basement is proposed to be drained via a pump-out system. The application includes stormwater management plans and details.


Council’s Engineering assessment in this regard concludes that the stormwater management system would function satisfactorily subject to the implementation of conditions of consent.




THAT Development Application No. 127/2012 for the demolition of existing structures and the erection of a five storey residential building comprising twenty-nine units and strata subdivision at Lots 5 and 6 DP 31556, Nos. 62-64 Keeler Street, Carlingford be approved subject to the conditions of consent detailed in Schedule 1 of Planning Report No. PL10/12.




Rod Pickles

Manager - Assessment Team 2

Planning Division



James Farrington

Group Manager

Planning Division


File Reference:           DA/127/2012

Document Number:     D01967405