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Wednesday,? 17 July, 2013

at 6:30 PM



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Item 19??? MM9/13 Hornsby-Berowra Men's Shed Inc..................................................................... 1 ?????

Item 3???? LM7/13 Local Government New South Wales - 2013 Annual Conference - Voting Delegates 2???




Mayoral Minute No. MM9/13

Date of Meeting: 17/07/2013





I have been approached by representatives of Hornsby-Berowra Men?s Shed Inc. regarding the availability of sites on which to locate a Men?s Shed that would service northern areas of the Shire.

Established in 2009, the Hornsby-Berowra Men?s Shed has an active membership of 48 and due to the lack of a suitable site has been meeting in the garage of their President ? a space that the group has outgrown.

It is recognised that Men?s Sheds provide an important venue where men can come together, work constructively for the community, find mateship and in the process address issues of social isolation.

Council currently provides a venue to the Hornsby Wood Working Men?s Shed which operates out of the former Carpenter?s Workshop at Council?s Thornleigh Depot. This Men?s Shed predominately services southern areas of the Shire and has been operating successfully in this location since early 2011.

As such, it is appropriate that Council consider whether there are any suitable sites that could be made available to locate a Men?s Shed servicing northern areas of the Shire.



THAT a report be prepared for Council?s consideration examining available sites that could be made available to locate a Men?s Shed servicing northern areas of the Shire.









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File Reference:?????????? F2008/00165

Document Number:???? D02277973




Corporate Support Division

Date of Meeting: 17/07/2013




CS31/13 - Local Government New South Wales - 2013 Annual Conference - Submission of Motions



Additional information with CHANGE to Recommendation


Since the finalisation of Deputy General Manager?s Report No. CS31/13 - Local Government NSW 2013 Annual Conference - Submission of Motions - correspondence has been received from Local Government NSW (LGNSW) providing details about the registration of Council?s voting delegates for the Conference (see attached). As LGNSW requires registration to occur by 9 August 2013, Council?s voting delegates need to be determined at the 17 July 2013 General Meeting.

Because the number of voting delegates allowed for councils has changed from previous Conferences held under the Local Government Association (LGA) banner, officers have contacted LGNSW to seek details of Council?s voting entitlements for the 2013 LGNSW Conference. The advice received is that Council is entitled to 10 voting delegates, which is three more than its previous entitlement at LGA Conferences.

It is proposed that Council take up its full voting entitlement of 10 by nominating all Councillors as voting delegates for the 2013 Conference. In this regard, if a Councillor is unable to attend the Conference, they will be able to make arrangements with LGNSW to proxy their vote to another Councillor. To cater for the above proposal, a new point 2 has been added to the recommendation for Deputy General Manager?s Report No. CS31/13 ? see below.





1.???????? The three issues, two with proposed motions, identified within Deputy General Manager?s Report No. CS31/13 be submitted for consideration at the 2013 Local Government NSW Conference.

2.???????? Council advise Local Government NSW that its voting delegates for the 2013 Conference are Councillors Anisse, Azizi, Berman, Browne, Cox, Gallagher, Hutchence, Russell, Singh and Tilbury.







Robyn Abicair

Manager - Governance and Customer Service

Corporate Support Division





Gary Bensley

Deputy General Manager

Corporate Support Division





LGNSW Annual Conference 2013 - Registration and Voting Information





File Reference:?????????? F2013/00230

Document Number:???? D02295184


Hornsby Shire Council

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