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General Meeting


Wednesday 13 May 2015

at 6:30PM



Hornsby Shire Council†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Table of Contents

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Item 12††† LM4/15 Waitara Park Redevelopment........................................................................... 1†††




Infrastructure and Recreation Division

Date of Meeting: 13/05/2015




IR13/15 - Waitara Park Redevelopment


Additional information with† CHANGE† to Recommendation

On Monday 4 May 2015 officers of Council and PCYC met with representatives of Crown Lands Division (Michael Kniepp, Acting Senior Area Manager and Paul Layt, Group Leader Property Management) to outline the proposal at Waitara Park, involving a land tenure exchange between the community land and the adjoining Crown Reserve (no land ownership would change).

In the discussion it was indicated that Council and PCYC are considering entering into agreements that facilitate:

∑††††††††††††† Council permitting PCYC development of a new Indoor Recreation and Performing Arts Centre on Community Land at the southern end of Waitara Park under a 30 year lease.

∑††††††††††††† Council developing flood infrastructure, tennis courts and new public playgrounds on Crown Land where PCYC is currently the Reserve Trustee (Crown Reserve No. 1036828).† The tennis courts shall be developed to allow the Lessee of the existing courts to continue to operate at the new courts.

∑††††††††††††† Council and PCYC believe it is appropriate, given the circumstances and substantial public investment by both parties that the Reserve Trust transfer to Council.

A copy of the Waitara Park draft Plan of Management (PoM) and Deputy General Managerís Report No. IR13/15 was supplied to the Crown Lands Division.† It was noted that prior to the land tenure exchange going ahead it is necessary for the draft PoM to be adopted and for PCYC to gain Development Approval for the building development.

Crown Lands Division officers indicated that it is appropriate for a proposal to be forwarded to the Crown setting out the proposal and seeking the Ministerís support for the land tenure exchange.


THAT Council:

1.†††††††† Adopt the draft vision to redevelop Waitara Park in accordance with the principles set out in Deputy General Managerís Report No. IR13/15.

2.†††††††† Endorse the exhibition of a draft Plan of Management for Waitara Park and the former bowling club site with a response to the exhibition to be reported to Council.

3.†††††††† Write to the Crown Lands Division of the Department of Trade and Investment seeking the Ministerís consent to appointing Hornsby Shire Council as trust manager of Reserve R1036828 (Lot 1020 DP 752053) at Waitara.




Robert Stephens

Deputy General Manager

Infrastructure and Recreation Division




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