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Wednesday 9 September 2015

at 6:30PM



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Item 12    LM8/15 Development Application - Residential Flat Building Comprising 37 Units - 15 and 17 Forest Grove, Epping............................................................................................................ 1   




Planning Division

Date of Meeting: 9/09/2015




PL41/15 - Development Application - Residential Flat Building Comprising 37 Units - 15 and 17 Forest Grove, Epping



Additional Information with  CHANGE  to Recommendation

Condition No. 67 for lapped and capped timber fencing of the site includes the words ‘(other than the rail corridor – Refer Conditions Nos. 63.17 and 63.18)’ which have been included in error.

In response to a late submission, a further review has been undertaken of the proposed fencing along the southern side boundary of the subject site which adjoins a public pathway between Essex Street and Forest Grove. The boundary is currently fenced with 1.8m high timber paling fencing.   The pathway is of concrete construction in good condition with appropriate lighting.  Replacement of the fence with 1.5m high steel palisade style fence would complement the proposed landscaping for the development and improve safety and security.

Accordingly, it is recommended that Condition No. 67 be amended to read:

67.        Boundary Fencing

Lapped and capped timber fencing must be erected along all property boundaries behind the front building alignment to a height of 1.8 metres other than the southern side boundary which is to be a 1.5m high steel black powder-coated palisade style fence with the following specifications:

67.1      A tubular steel fence along the southern boundary to consist of top and bottom rails (38 x 25 x 1.6mm square hollow section in accordance with AS 1163 Structural Steel Hollow Sections) and vertical tubular balusters (19mm round at 100mm centres). Posts are 50 x 50mm SHS, 1.9mm thickness with larger end post for each straight run. 

Note:  Alternative fencing may be erected along the northern and eastern boundaries subject to the written consent of the adjoining property owner(s).

A further late submission raises concerns regarding traffic safety at the public pathway and the bend in Forest Grove at the frontage of the site.  In this regard, Council’s traffic and road safety assessment of the proposal notes that extensive transport modelling was undertaken to determine the amount of development that could occur in the Epping town centre therefore, any development that complies with the DCP will not have any unmanageable traffic impacts. The crash history for the section of Forest Grove between No. 3 and No. 19 has been reviewed. There have been no recorded crashes in this section of Forest Grove in the past 15 years. In general terms a ‘Black Spot’ is an intersection or a length of road with 3 recorded injury crashes in a five year period. This section of Forest Grove is therefore not considered to be a ‘Black Spot’.

In relation to the pedestrian walkway to the south of the site and potential safety implications due to increase in traffic movements, the chicane like alignment of Forest Grove at this location provides good speed management which is reflected by the crash history. Whilst not related to this development, Council may consider the installation of a pedestrian refuge island in vicinity of the walkway in the future.



THAT Development Application No. DA/346/2015 for demolition of existing structures and the construction of a five storey residential flat building comprising 37 units with basement car parking at Lot 6 and Lot 7, DP 11533, Nos. 15-17 Forest Grove, Epping be approved subject to the conditions of consent detailed in Schedule 1 of Group Manager’s Report No. PL41/15 as amended by Late Item Memo No. LM8/15.





Rod Pickles

Manager - Development Assessment

Planning Division



James Farrington

Group Manager

Planning Division




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File Reference:           DA/346/2015

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