(Mayoral Minute MM26/18)

General Meeting


Wednesday 12 December 2018

at 6:30PM



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Mayoral Minute No. MM26/18

Date of Meeting: 12/12/2018





I would like to give special acknowledgement to an institution within Hornsby Shire Council, one that we are sadly about to lose. Our Deputy General Manager, Corporate Support Gary Bensley is retiring after almost three full decades of service to the people of Hornsby Shire. He is an exemplar of everything the public service should represent and he will be very sorely missed.

Mr Bensley began working for Hornsby Shire Council in January 1990, when many of the people now under his employ were not yet born. He is a generally quiet man, the type who simply gets a job done instead of talking about how well they are doing it, and his rise through the ranks was steady yet inexorable as his valuable skills became increasingly apparent to those around him. He started as the Executive Assistant in the Strategy Division, then became a team leader in 1995. By 2005 he was in the top tier of management, becoming the executive manager corporate and community, then in 2012 he was appointed deputy general manager. He recently served as acting general manager for a year, providing calm and stable leadership during one of the most turbulent periods in the Shire’s history.

The best understanding of Mr Bensley comes with the knowledge that he is a passionate fan of cricket, which is known as the gentleman’s game, and an accomplished player. Mr Bensley approaches his work with Hornsby Shire Council in the same way that the best cricketers approach a test match: with careful thought and calm patience. In 30 years he has never received a disciplinary note, nor does anybody remember him ever raising his voice. He is also renowned for his encyclopaedic knowledge of the labyrinthine laws and regulations that govern the public service, making him the first point of contact for many within the organisation when they encounter a difficult situation.

Matching those qualities with his warm sense of humour and genuine compassion for colleagues makes Mr Bensley a truly remarkable man and Hornsby Shire Council will be much the poorer for losing him.


THAT Gary be formally thanked for his long and outstanding service to Hornsby Shire Council and our community





The Honourable Cr PHILIP RUDDOCK






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