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Wednesday 23 February 2022

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Item 3     LM2/22 Additional Information - Review of Council's Code of Meeting Practice............... 1   




Corporate Support Division

Date of Meeting: 23/02/2022




CS1/22 - Review of Council's Code of Meeting Practice



Additional information with CHANGE to Recommendation

Due to an administrative error, the draft Hornsby Shire Council Code of Meeting Practice attached to Director’s Report No. CS1/22 is currently missing clauses 5.16, 5.17 and 5.18. Those clauses, which are drawn directly from the Office of Local Government’s (OLG) Model Code of Meeting Practice, are shown below for Council’s information:

Meetings held by audio-visual link

5.16      A meeting of the council or a committee of the council may be held by audio-visual link where the mayor determines that the meeting should be held by audio-visual link because of a natural disaster or a public health emergency. The mayor may only make a determination under this clause where they are satisfied that attendance at the meeting may put the health and safety of councillors and staff at risk. The mayor must make a determination under this clause in consultation with the general manager and, as far as is practicable, with each councillor.

5.17      Where the mayor determines under clause 5.16 that a meeting is to be held by audio-visual link, the general manager must:

(a)        Give written notice to all councillors that the meeting is to be held by audio-visual link, and

(b)        Take all reasonable steps to ensure that all councillors can participate in the meeting by audio-visual link, and

(c)        Cause a notice to be published on the council’s website and in such other manner the general manager is satisfied will bring it to the attention of as many people as possible, advising that the meeting is to be held by audio-visual link and providing information about where members of the public may view the meeting.

5.18      This code applies to a meeting held by audio-visual link under clause 5.16 in the same way it would if the meeting was held in person.

Note: Where a council holds a meeting by audio-visual link under clause 5.16, it is still required under section 10 of the Act to provide a physical venue for members of the public to attend in person and observe the meeting.

Assuming Council’s support for the inclusion in its own Code of Meeting Practice of the new non-mandatory provisions relating to councillor attendance at meetings and the holding of meetings by audio-visual link in exceptional circumstances, it is appropriate that the missing clauses be included in Council’s draft Code prior to public exhibition.

The recommendation in respect of Director’s Report No. CS1/22 has been changed to effect the above.




1.         Subject to the inclusion of clauses 5.16 to 5.18 as detailed in Late Items Information Memo No. LM2/22, Council adopt the draft Code of Meeting Practice attached to Director’s Report No. CS1/22 for the purpose of public exhibition.

2.         The public exhibition be for a period of 28 days, with a period of 42 days allowed for the lodgement of submissions by members of the public.

3.         Following the conclusion of the public exhibition period, a further report be submitted for Council’s consideration which details any submissions received and proposes the adoption of a final Code of Meeting Practice.







Stephen Colburt

Manager, Governance and Customer Service

Corporate Support Division





Glen Magus

Director - Corporate Support

Corporate Support Division







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