(Mayoral Minute – MM8/22)

General Meeting


Wednesday 13 April 2022

at 6:30PM



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Mayoral Minute No. MM8/22

Date of Meeting: 13/04/2022





It has come to my attention that Transport for NSW are proposing to not return the previous ferry that was utilised at Berowra Waters crossing and to simply maintain the existing smaller ferry. This ferry does not contain the extent of separated pedestrian or cyclist area that was previously provided which means that the vehicle carrying capacity of the ferry is restricted as a complete lane is preserved for pedestrians/cyclists, even during periods of low demand. We support the safe movement of cyclists across this very popular cycling route and those who visit the area and wish to experience a ride on the ferry.

The issue has become somewhat more important with the lengthy closure of Galston Gorge whilst this passage is made safe following the heavy rains and floods. Greater volumes of traffic are forced to make the trip through Berowra Waters and a lane that is largely vacant during the week means that travel delay times and frustration is needlessly increasing. Our community is reaching out to Council for support and I encourage the members of resident associations and our community to email our local member directly so he can make representations on behalf of residents to the Transport Minister. The best email to use is parliament@hornsby.nsw.gov.au to outline your concerns.

Ideally our community needs the larger ferry returned so that all members of our community can safely, reliably and efficiently cross the Berowra Creek. As a short term solution the Ferry master should be empowered to use common sense when allocating space (safely) on the ferry according to the demand that occurs at any one time, meaning that the currently restricted lane can be allocated to cars should there not be a pedestrian or cyclist needing the space for that particular trip.



That Council:

1.         Seek from Transport for NSW

a)         The return of the previous larger ferry vessel.

b)         The Ferry Master, in the interim, allocate the available space on the ferry according to the demand at the time to minimise delays for all users as outlined in this Minute and particularly during the week when cyclists and pedestrians are much fewer in number.

2.         Write to local state members in Hornsby seeking the same commitment.

3.         Publicise our request and submissions via social media, Councils website and other channels.





The Honourable Cr PHILIP RUDDOCK





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