(Mayoral Minute – MM16/22)

General Meeting


Wednesday 9 November 2022

at 6:30PM



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Mayoral Minute No. MM16/22

Date of Meeting: 9/11/2022





Recently we were informed by the Friends of Lisgar Garden of their decision to cease to operate after 30 years of service. 

The Friends of Lisgar Gardens were first established in 1993, some 25 years after the Gardens were first opened by Hornsby Shire Council for public use. 

The foundation of this friends group was based upon local residents which included some that directly adjoined the Gardens or the adjacent Florence Cotton bushland. 

The Group’s main focus has been to promote, protect and enhance Lisgar Gardens.

Whilst Council has provided the necessary resources and skilled staff to ensure Lisgar Gardens is appropriately maintained to a high standard, the Friends have largely been active organising events aimed promoting the gardens.  This includes afternoon teas, twilight opening, musical events, teddy bear picnics, and camellia days to name a few.  Members have also in the past volunteered to operate the inclinator for weekend visitors. 

The group was instrumental in organising the Teddy Bears Picnic which grew to have such a following that the venue’s limitations such as parking and restricted traffic conditions meant the event at Lisgar Gardens could no longer continue.  

More recently the Friends were able to assist Council’s application submission to have Lisgar Gardens acknowledged as an International Camellia Garden of Excellence which was awarded in 2020. 

Regarding the ongoing promotion of Lisgar Gardens, Council maintains various media channels to promote its services and features.  This includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like.  There are also more traditional channels such as the Hornsby and Ku-ring-gai Post.

This media exposure has a broad reach within the community which is demonstrated by a recent Facebook post promoting Lisgar Gardens which was viewed by 10,000 people.  The post was also followed by an article in the Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Post.

It is appropriate that Council ensures the Friends promotional work continues to ensure the gardens are known by all. 

Past and present members of the Friends are to be congratulated on the garden’s living legacy.  Community groups such as this enrich the life of the Shire and the wider community.  I am proud to see the fruits of Max Cotton who first established the gardens continues today under Council’s stewardship and the input provided by the Friends. 

The Friends are holding a final get together on Saturday 26 November 2022. I would encourage Councillors to attend if you have the chance, to thank the Friends in person and acknowledge their contribution to Hornsby and our community.




THAT Council:

1.         Formerly acknowledge and thank the contribution made by the Friends of Lisgar Gardens.

2.         Commit to maintaining promotional activities for Lisgar Gardens as well as its other beautiful parks and gardens.  This includes key seasonal milestones such as the peak camellia flowering season.





The Honourable Cr PHILIP RUDDOCK





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