Late Item Memo (Item 7)

General Meeting


Wednesday 9 August 2023

at 6:30PM





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Item 7     LM8/23 Voluntary Planning Agreement - 90-92 Franklin Road, Cherrybrook................... 1




Planning and Compliance Division

Date of Meeting: 9/08/2023




PC16/23 - Voluntary Planning Agreement - 90-92 Franklin Road, Cherrybrook



Additional information with NO CHANGE to Recommendation


Director’s Report No. PC16/23 includes a typographical error under the Budget heading.

Development DA/1146/2023 proposes the subdivision of land to create nine residential allotments and one lot for road widening.  When calculating the applicable S7.11 contribution, a credit should be applied for the existing lot. Accordingly, the development contribution attributable to the development would be $160,000 and not $180,000 as stated in the report.  The associated resultant overall positive financial benefit to Council would be approximately $340,000.

The discussion on the budget implications of the Agreement should read:

The cost of construction of the public infrastructure works is estimated to be $500,000. Waiving of Section 7.11 and 7.12 contributions as compensation for the delivery of road, footpath and drainage works would forgo $160,000 of development contribution fees to Council. There would be an overall positive financial benefit to Council of approximately $340,000 for the developer to undertake the public infrastructure works.




THAT the Voluntary Planning Agreement attached to Director’s Report No. PC16/23 be endorsed to facilitate delivery of public road widening, footpath and drainage works at John Road and Franklin Road, Cherrybrook.







James Farrington

Director - Planning and Compliance

Planning and Compliance Division








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File Reference:           DA/1146/2020

Document Number:     D08702378