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Community and Environment Division

Date of Meeting: 8/05/2024




CE5/24 - Draft Arts & Cultural Plan



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Council’s Arts and Cultural Advisory Group met on 9th April 2024 to review and provide feedback on the draft Arts and Cultural Plan.

Two key areas of feedback were provided by the Advisory Group related the visual and performing arts that are outlined below.

Visual Arts

The Advisory Group felt that there had been a lack of progress in further developing the Wallarobba site into a visual arts hub since its opening in 2011.  The Advisory Group were keen to ensure that relevant actions contained within the draft Plan would be implemented.

Officers reflected that Focus Area 1 of the draft Plan was Creating Places and Spaces for the Arts to Flourish, and Action 1.4 was to Commission the development of a master plan for the Wallarobba site to optimise its benefit to the community, that funding had been provided in the 2023/24 budget and consultants engaged to commence this work.

Performing Arts

The Advisory Group highlighted the difficulty for groups to access local venues for performing arts due to either:

·              A local lack of suitable venues

·              Venues that are present (both Council, school and private) are often booked out; or

·              The cost to hire suitable venues is prohibitive.

In this respect the Advisory Group noted that the draft Plan includes multiple actions related to performing arts venues including:

1.1.1     Investigate the potential for upgrading of Council-owned community facilities for enhanced arts and cultural usage.

1.2        Upgrade selected Hornsby Shire community halls to increase their functionality for performance.

1.3        Commission a feasibility study and site options study into the development of a performing arts and cultural facility in Hornsby Shire.

1.7        Hold one or more forums with private schools locally to optimise access to their facilities and support collaborative arts delivery.

2.2        Develop a Council venues hiring policy that facilitates regular arts and cultural usage.

Noting these key areas had been identified and a number of relevant actions were contained within the draft Plan the Advisory Committee supported the draft Plan being reported to Council and placed on public exhibition.




1.         The draft Arts & Cultural Plan attached to the Director’s Report No. CE5/24 be placed on public exhibition for a period of 28 days.

2.         Following exhibition, a report on submissions be presented to Council for its consideration.







Cheryl Etheridge

Manager - Library and Community Services

Community and Environment Division





Stephen Fedorow

Director - Community and Environment

Community and Environment Division







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