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Item 14   IR1/19 Hornsby Shire Gateway and Suburb Signage.................................................... 1 




Deputy General Manager's Report No. IR1/19

Infrastructure and Major Projects Division

Date of Meeting: 13/11/2019






·                     Design proposals have been developed for new gateway and suburb signs as part of a new palette of signs for Hornsby Shire.  The designs respond to community aspirations that we recognise our bushland character and aboriginal heritage.

·                     It is proposed that these signs shall be implemented in 2019/20 and 2020/21 in accordance with Council’s adopted Delivery Program.



THAT Council:

1.         Endorse the design of proposed gateway and suburb signs as presented in Attachment 1 of Deputy General Manager’s Report No. IR1/19.

2.         Support finalising design and construction of gateway and suburb signs in accordance with the schedule of works presented in this report.

3.         Use the proposed designs for gateway and suburb signs to inform the palette of signs for community facilities, parks and wayfinding throughout the shire.



To seek approval to proceed with the design and construction of shire gateway and suburb signs.


Council’s Delivery Program 2019-21 identifies a Key Initiative to develop a signage strategy and commence signage replacements.  This followed the identification of new consistent signage as a high priority for Council.

Council engaged Oculus consultants to prepare public domain guidelines and a signage strategy in December 2018.  The project brief recognised that many of Council’s signs date back many years, presenting a diversity of sign styles and an inconsistent image.  The brief called for the development of a complete hierarchy of outdoor identification, wayfinding/directional and interpretive signs with the objective that any new signage shall form part of a strong consistent theme.


A key element of the public domain project brief was a requirement to engage early with the community.  An online survey occurred in March 2019 with 154 responses regarding signage.  The survey found recognition that Council signs play an important role in helping to identify community facilities and directing people to destinations.  There was strong support for a bushland theme.  Respondents also indicated a mixed appreciation of the existing range of Council signs.

Design concepts for a palette of signs have been prepared, building on the themes and feedback received from the community.  The concepts include designs for gateway and suburb markers, community, park facility and wayfinding signage.  They do not include road and traffic signage as these are controlled by RMS regulations.

The designs as presented support a bushland shire theme through the form, colours and messaging.  It is also proposed that there is recognition of our aboriginal heritage in the messaging.

A distinctive form that references the gum leaf has been developed.  The signs are scaled so the written message is clearly legible, and the form of the sign serves to mark entry into the shire with suburb markers reinforcing the brand message.  Alternative vertical and horizontal forms have been developed for gateway signs to enable the development of an attractive setting where space permits, particularly in our rural landscapes where there is room for a wider sign.

A schedule of gateway and suburb signs has been prepared, identifying proposed locations for the construction of new signs at prominent gateway and suburb boundary sites.  It is anticipated that new signs marking parks, community facilities and Hornsby Mall will be introduced as new assets are completed or existing assets are refurbished.  This work will occur following adoption of the overall sign strategy.  The key question is therefore should we retain the existing signage, or should we establish a clear family / consistency of signage for our parks and facilities?

Attachment 1 includes sketch designs of proposed vertical and horizontal gateway signs and vertical suburb signs.  Attachment 2 includes a map of the locations for proposed signs and Attachment 3 includes a schedule of works.

Planning approval for the construction of the signs needs to be gained and this is expected to occur through the exhibition of a Review of Environmental Factors prior to commencement of construction.


The report summarises the findings of community consultation undertaken prior to development of the sign design proposals.  Further consultation shall be undertaken prior to installation of the signs with the following:

·                     RMS regarding the development of signs on State Roads.

·                     Council’s HATSIC Committee regarding the exact wording of messaging contained in the signs that recognise our aboriginal heritage.

·                     Exhibition of the proposals in accordance with planning regulations through the exhibition of the Review of Environmental Factors.


Council’s Delivery Program identifies funding for signage replacement of $317,000 in 2019/20 and $317,000 in 2020/21.  This report describes a scope of works (Attachment 3) that may be delivered with this funding and seeks approval to commit to this work program.

Council has identified funding in the Long Term Financial Plan towards signs.  There is also opportunity for Section 7.11 and 7.12 and other project funds to allow implementation of a consistent theme over an extended period.


There are no policy implications from this report.


Council has developed a distinctive range of gateway and suburb signs that respond to the popular themes of the bushland shire identified by our community during engagements undertaken in early 2019.  It is proposed that Council install new gateway and suburb signs as a key step in the delivery of a range of new signs that mark entry to the shire and suburbs.  The design proposals as put forward provide for an attractive and distinctive design that replaces an aged and unattractive image.  It also establishes a design theme that can extend into other signs including parks, community facilities and wayfinding.


The officer responsible for the preparation of this Report is the Landscape/Urban Design Team Leader – Kurt Henkel - who can be contacted on 9847 6887.







Richard Minter

Manager, Major Projects - Infrastructure and Major Projects

Infrastructure and Major Projects Division





Robert Stephens

Deputy General Manager - Infrastructure and Major Projects

Infrastructure and Major Projects Division









Attachment 1 - Sketch designs of proposed vertical and horizontal gateway signs and vertical suburb signs




Attachment 2 - Map of locations for proposed signs




Attachment 3 - Schedule of Works





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