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Wednesday 8 July 2020

at 6:30PM



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Planning and Compliance Division

Date of Meeting: 8/07/2020




PL15/20 - Local Housing Strategy



Additional information with  NO CHANGE  to Recommendation

Correspondence from the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE) has been received concerning Council’s Accelerated LEP Review program and funding agreement.

The letter (copy attached) questions Council’s capacity to meet the 6-10-year housing targets set by the Greater Sydney Commission and seeks the following prior to issuing the final payment owing under the Accelerated LEP Review:

·              Submission of Council’s draft Local Housing Strategy by September; and

·              Submission of a Planning Proposal for additional housing for gateway determination by September.

Since receipt of the letter, Council officers have clarified with DPIE’s Deputy Secretary, Place and Infrastructure that:

·              Council’s draft Housing Strategy is being presented to Council for endorsement for exhibition at the 8 July 2020 meeting. Subject to Council endorsement, a copy will be provided to DPIE immediately after the meeting;

·              As demonstrated in Council’s Local Strategic Planning Statement and the draft Housing Strategy, there is no projected housing supply gap for the 6-10-year target due to the proposed development of government land at Cherrybrook Station and the Hornsby Town Centre Review which is currently underway; and

·              The Planning Proposal for the Hornsby Town Centre Review will meet the requirements for the submission of a planning proposal for additional housing.

Discussions with the Deputy Secretary concluded with the agreement that, in response to the DPIE letter, a copy of Council’s draft Local Housing Strategy would be provided along with the details of the status of the Hornsby Town Centre Review and the number of dwellings anticipated. 

Separately, since the finalisation of the business paper, a typographic error has been found in the table on page 4 of Directors Report PL15/20. The medium-term housing target (indicative draft) range should read 3,800 – 4,200 dwellings, as per the table on page 9 of the draft Housing Strategy which is attached to the report.




1.         The draft Hornsby Shire Housing Strategy 2020 attached to Director’s Report No. PL15/20 be placed on public exhibition for a period of 28 days (subsequent to the finalisation of formatting and design in accordance with Council’s style guide).

2.         A copy of the draft Strategy be provided to the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment.

3.         Following exhibition, a report on submissions be presented to Council for its consideration.







Katherine Vickery

Manager - Strategic Landuse Planning

Planning and Compliance Division





James Farrington

Director - Planning and Compliance

Planning and Compliance Division







Letter from DPIE





File Reference:           F2020/00096

Document Number:     D07947999


Hornsby Shire Council

Attachment to Report No. LM6/20 Page 4


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