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Wednesday 11 November 2020

at 6:30PM



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Planning and Compliance Division

Date of Meeting: 11/11/2020




PC23/20 - Byles Creek Planning Study


Additional information with CHANGE to Recommendation

Since the finalisation of Director’s Report No. PC23/20, a number of submissions have been forwarded to Councillors raising community concerns about the purpose of the Byles Creek Planning Study and providing comments about the wording of the draft Study Brief.

As outlined in Director’s Report No. PC23/20 and the accompanying draft Study Brief, the purpose of the Study is to review the suitability of current planning controls to maintain the environmental qualities of residential lots that adjoin the open space zoned lands within the Byles Creek corridor.

The structure of the Study Brief, including the background, scope of work and deliverables all align with the identified purpose of the study. However, submissions suggest that the use of the words “promote residential development” in the Study Brief objectives would lead to an investigation of additional development and does not reflect the intent of the study.   

In response to the concerns raised and to provide abundant certainty, it would be appropriate to amend the draft Study Brief as follows (new text underlined)

“The planning study has the following objectives:

(a)        Assess the suitability of the current planning controls in protecting the environmental qualities of the Byles Creek corridor area;

(b)        Develop a strategy that will minimise the impact of promote residential development and reflect the environmental, social and aesthetic qualities of the adjoining Byles Creek corridor; and,

(c)        To identify, through a comparison with development controls of other Council areas, recommendations for improvements to Hornsby’s planning controls”.

It is recommended that Council endorse the progression of the Byles Creek Planning Study in accordance with the Study Brief attached to this Late Item Information Memo report and Study funding from the sale of 179 Beecroft Road, Cheltenham.




1.         Council endorse progression of the Byles Creek Planning Study in accordance with the Study Brief attached to Report No. LM15/20.

2.         Restricted asset funds from the sale of 179 Beecroft Road, Cheltenham be used to fund consultant input and the allocation of an additional temporary Strategic Planner for a period of 12 months.







Katherine Vickery

Manager - Strategic Landuse Planning

Planning and Compliance Division





James Farrington

Director - Planning and Compliance

Planning and Compliance Division







Amended Draft Study Brief - Byles Creek Planning Review - November 2020





File Reference:           F2020/00288

Document Number:     D08044903


Hornsby Shire Council

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