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Wednesday 14 April 2021

at 6:30PM



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Item 14   MM3/21 The Passing of Mr Robert Salt OAM............................................................... 1

Item 15   MM4/21 The Passing of Prince Philip and Recognising the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award Australia.......................................................................................................... 3

Item 16   MM5/21 The Passing of Mr Michael Barrett.................................................................. 9 




Mayoral Minute No. MM3/21

Date of Meeting: 14/04/2021





Robert ‘Bob’ Salt was a well-known and much revered member of our local community. Bob held onto a grand vision for our bushland that was enacted with respectful perseverance for all his life.

Bob’s passion for conservation and gentle persuasion meant a long-standing relationship was established with Hornsby Shire Councillors and staff through his involvement in a number of community groups and activities. His initial service to the community began in the 1970s where he was a trustee of Elouera Bushland Park (now Berowra Valley National Park) between 1977-1987, and he also served as president from 1983-1989 and Honorary Ranger for the Park. Bob was appointed as a founding member to the Berowra Valley Regional Park Trust and was instrumental in having the Regional Park declared the Berowra Valley National Park in 2012.

In 1988, Bob joined Council’s newly established Bushland Management Advisory Committee, and was an active member until 2004.

Between 1963 and 1999. Bob’s dedication to the environment was enacted through his long-standing membership with the Hornsby Conservation Society, where he served in various roles as president, vice president and secretary.

Between 1989-2009, Bob participated in Council’s Bushcare Program as a volunteer member undertaking bush regeneration activity mostly within the Waitara Creek Catchment, where a once privet infested area was replaced with a thriving native plant community. In 2009, in recognition of his conservation efforts, he received the ’20-year Bushcare Award’ and a ‘Special Achievement Award’ at his retirement from the Bushcare Program.

His passion and involvement in many environmental activities was honoured in 2011 with the Order of Australia Medal for his services to conservation and the local community.

Bob was also a keen contributor to local newsletters and publications and made notable contributions to the Guide to Berowra Valley Regional Park in 2004 He was also involved in the production of a Walking Guide to Berowra Valley National Park in 2014.

Bob was a gentleman who held onto a grand vision for our bushland. On behalf of Hornsby Shire Council, I offer this tribute to his legacy and note our condolences to his family at this time.



THAT Council on behalf of councillors and Council staff offer our sincere condolences to the family and friends of Mr Robert Salt, whose contribution to the community and conservation of our Bushland Shire was significant.





The Honourable Cr PHILIP RUDDOCK





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Mayoral Minute No. MM4/21

Date of Meeting: 14/04/2021





On behalf of Councillors and Council staff, deepest condolences are extended to Queen Elizabeth II and the Royal Family on the passing of His Royal Highness Prince Philip. Prince Philip was held in warm regard by Australians, having visited the country 21 times throughout his life, the first time in 1940 as a midmanship on the battleship HMS Ramillies. The news of his death has been echoed around the world. We add our tribute to the outpouring of sadness at his passing and recognise his compassion, service and generosity of spirit.

Prince Philip leaves a strong legacy in Australia, having established The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award here 62 years ago. His commitment to the development of young people via The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award has transformed the lives of millions of young people around the world since it started in 1956, including well over 750,000 in Australia. The Award program empowers young Australians aged 14-24 to explore their full potential and find their purpose, passion and place in the world, regardless of their location or circumstance.

It is therefore timely that Council gives consideration to the Duke of Edinburgh’s Employer program to promote and recognise the positive attributes and skills obtained by Award Holders. Duke of Edinburgh Award Holders develop critical transferable skills through the Award program, such as communication, organisation, decision-making and teamwork. These skills and voluntary experience increase the Award holder’s employability for entry-level roles within organisations.

The Awards in turn benefit employers by preparing young people for the workplace and making them more identifiable as ‘work-ready’. This can help reduce recruitment costs for employers, as they can more easily recognise candidates with life experience and proven skills.

There is no cost associated with becoming a Duke of Edinburgh Employer, only recognition of the Award. Duke of Edinburgh Employers simply recognise the Award and the value of it as a ‘qualification’ for employment on a young person’s CV. The commitment of becoming a Duke of Edinburgh Employer is initially two years.


THAT Council:

1.       Write to Queen Elizabeth II and the Royal Family extending the condolences of the people of Hornsby Shire and acknowledging Prince Philip’s strong contribution to Australia.

2.       Request the General Manager to investigate the implementation of the Duke of Edinburgh Employer program.

3.       Promote the value of the Awards program to local employers through its communication channels.



The Honourable Cr PHILIP RUDDOCK






Become a Duke of Ed Employer





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Mayoral Minute No. MM5/21

Date of Meeting: 14/04/2021





Michael “Mike” Barrett was a dear friend to Hornsby Shire Council and to the community in which he lived. He was an active and respected member of Council’s Bushland Management Advisory Committee for over 20 years, in which he participated fully and provided great wisdom on committee matters. The wisdom Mike offered to Council was based on his career as an agricultural scientist and deep appreciation of ecology, especially of our bushland areas.

Committee members appreciated Mike’s humour, sharp and accurate mind and ability to chair meetings when needed. He was very businesslike, a stickler for governance matters and insisting on a nexus between a business item on the Agenda and Bushland Management.

Whilst Mike could be very businesslike, he was nevertheless always the gentleman and was very much aware of others’ needs.

A special place for Mike was Chilworth Reserve in Beecroft, where he was often seen walking, enjoying the surrounds and offering encouragement to bush regenerators who worked in the area. He had a deep fascination for ecology and science and saw value in the bushland areas and urban environments alike. Mike understood the importance of data to support and influence decisions.

Of particular interest to Mike was the measurement of tree canopy. Mike advocated for such data to be collected through his position on the Advisory Committee. Following his recommendation, a tree canopy survey was completed and is now used by Council as baseline data to measure the future loss and gain in the extent of trees.

Mike has left a tremendous legacy in bushland conservation, and this will be carried into the future through the implementation of Council’s recently adopted Biodiversity Conservation Strategy, which sets a 20-year vision for bushland management within Hornsby Shire. Mike played a significant role in its development and particularly enjoyed talking with staff on actions contained within the strategy.

Mike will be fondly remembered as person with a profound sense of decency and concern for bushland conservation. His contribution to the work of our Committee over a long period of time has been considerable and should not be underestimated.



THAT Council on behalf of Councillors, members of the Bushland Management Advisory Committee and Council staff offer our sincere condolences to the family and friends of Mr Michael Barrett, whose contribution to the conservation of our bushland and the community was significant.





The Honourable Cr PHILIP RUDDOCK





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