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Wednesday 11 October 2023

at 6:30PM





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Community and Environment Division

Date of Meeting: 11/10/2023




CE12/23 - Council Managed Crown Land - Operational Land



Additional information with CHANGE to Recommendation


Director’s Report No. CE12/23 identified four Rural Fire Brigades that retain a Reserve Purpose of either “Rural Services” or “Bush Fire Brigade Purposes” and proposed that they be classified as Operational Land.

Since the preparation of this report, a further Rural Fire Service facility at Berowra has been confirmed by the Office of Crown Lands as being dedicated for the purpose of Fire Brigade Station being: 

·              Berowra Rural Fire Station (5X High Street, Berowra, NSW 2081)

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Image 1: Berowra Rural Fire Station

Consistent with their advice for the other Rural Fire Service facilities, the Office of Crown Lands have advised they are also supportive of Berowra Rural Fire Brigade being considered for re-classification as Operational Land.

The Crown’s guidelines note reserves with the purposes of Urban or Emergency Services may not fall within Community Land categories and Operational Land categorisation may be more appropriate. 

Therefore Points 1 and 2 of the Recommendation have been amended to reflect the proposed Operational Land classification for six sites, whereas the original report only noted five sites.  Attachment 1 has also been amended with the inclusion of the Berowra Rural Fire Station at 5X High Street, Berowra.




THAT Council:

1.         Endorse the Operational Land classification for the six sites, as shown in Attachment 1 of Late Item Memo No. LM9/23.

2.         Request approval from the Minister administering the Crown Land Management Act to accept the proposed classification of operational land for the six sites, as shown in Attachment 1 of Late Item Memo No. LM9/23.

3.         Authorise the General Manager to approve the provision of any documentation required to support Council’s proposed operational land classification.







Stephen Fedorow

Director - Community and Environment

Community and Environment Division









Attachment 1 - Proposed Crown Land sites to be classified Operational





File Reference:           F2020/00240

Document Number:     D08744705


Hornsby Shire Council

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