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Wednesday 8 November 2023

at 6:30PM



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Item 8     LM13/23 Draft Hornsby Town Centre Masterplan - Report on Submissions.................... 1




Planning and Compliance Division

Date of Meeting: 8/11/2023




PC23/23 - Draft Hornsby Town Centre Masterplan - Report on Submissions



Additional information with CHANGE to Recommendation

Since the finalisation of Director’s Report No. PC23/23, amendments to the Hornsby Town Centre Masterplan have been identified for correction and consistency. These amendments relate to an incorrect label on a map and wording and numbering in growth forecasting tables.

The final edits are detailed below:

·              Figure 64 ‘Anticipated future height of building’ on page 73 incorrectly identifies property No’s. 1-11 Coronation Street, Hornsby as having a maximum building height of 62.5 metres. The sites are not proposed to change as part of the Masterplan. Therefore, the map has been amended to 48 metres to reflect existing development controls for the site.

·              The ‘Staging and Implementation’ section of the Masterplan includes commentary and calculations reflecting population and dwelling totals for the Town Centre. As identified in Director’s Report No. PC23/23 and elsewhere in the Masterplan, the Town Centre plans for approximately 12,000 people living in 4,900 new dwellings and supporting the creation of 4,500 new jobs over the next 20 years. The wording and calculations within this section of the Masterplan have been amended to reflect the same.

It is recommended that Council endorse the Hornsby Town Centre Masterplan as amended and attached to this Late Item Information Memo report.




1.         Council adopt the Hornsby Town Centre Masterplan attached to Late Item Information Memo No. LM13/23 incorporating the following amendments:

·              A lower non-residential floor space requirement of 0.5:1 on all sites within the Central North and Central Heart Precincts.

·              A maximum building height of up to 36 storeys for the western portions on the Westfield Hornsby site, with a tapering of building heights of between 12-15 storeys in the eastern portions of the Retail Core Precinct.

·              Maximum building heights along the rail corridor from 21 to 18 and 16 storeys north of Burdett Street.

·              Minimum podium level setbacks of 9 metres for any proposed redevelopment along Hunter Street.

·              Minor changes to precinct boundaries and the Hornsby RSL site for clarity and accuracy.

2.         Council write to the Minister for Planning and Public Spaces seeking a commitment to assist the implementation, funding and delivery of the Masterplan, noting coordination of State services is required to accommodate the anticipated growth.

3.         Supporting documentation, including Development Controls, Infrastructure Funding Strategy, Local Contribution Plan, and a Public Domain Plan be prepared and reported to Council at a future meeting.

4.         Submitters be advised of Council’s decision.







Katherine Vickery

Manager - Strategic Landuse Planning

Planning and Compliance Division





James Farrington

Director - Planning and Compliance

Planning and Compliance Division







Hornsby Town Centre Masterplan





File Reference:           F2018/00321-003

Document Number:     D08764082

Hornsby Shire Council

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